Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Linked by Love (Gift for Rhene Merkouris, M.D.)

On display in the Alaska Regional Hospital Chapel. Valet Parking Entrance, in small room left of waiting room.
(click on photo for close up view)


  1. I didn't realize that was one of your quilts! Rhene told me that a patient had made it for her, & how she had loved it, thought it was a work of art, & needed to be shared with the world. I see it frequently when I pass by the chaple door taking patients out, or waiting for Warren to pick me up!

  2. small world isn't it :) Actually the shirt I am wearing in the My Profile photo is the one I based this quilt on. The quilt had 'disappeared' for a year and caused Rhene and I some concern, only to discover it was being framed so no one could steal it. Just wish they could display the label but Rhene said the 'non-denominational' aspect had to be honored. Sort of detracts from the symbolism when people don't know what to contemplate when they see it. Oh well. I'm honored it is on display.