Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mixed-Media ART CARDS

The past couple of weeks I've begun making fiber art note cards. Kathy Harte, Deb Hardman and I are each producing eight 'time themed' mixed-media/fiber art pieces for our July show at Terra Bella's. In addition to our wall art, TB proprietor Linda Vollertson encouraged us to create small gift items to sell in conjunction with our show. Here is a sampling of my first 17 cards. Each one is unique although a couple of them are very similar.

The aqua colored backgrounds were made from fabric painted fusible web, then layered with sequins, glitter dust, silver metallic thread, misty fuse and white tulle netting.

The red and black cards in the center were created with red fabric snippets fused on a fabric background. The white section is threads from muslin fabric that raveled in the wash. I bunched it randomly on a stiff felt backing, laid tulle net on top and machine free motion stitched red thread to secure and add texture.

On the bottom three cards I have used fabric snippets fused to a cloth backing, sandwiched with layers of thread, sequins and angelina fibers, then overlayed with tulle netting and machine stitched to keep it all intact. I wanted to add a focal element that set each card apart so I dug through scrap jewelry, buttons, lace, and whatever I could think of to add some zip to the overall effect.

Be sure to click on the photos for a close up on details. This is my first installment of card photos. I'll post more later, along with several coffee sleeves I made using upholstery fabric.

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  1. They Are Gorgeous!!! I LOVE them! Thank you for sharing the photos and their composition - -*very* inspiring :)