Monday, July 6, 2009

A Warm Reception at Terra Bella's

Terra Bella's is first class in their presentation to the public. A warm cozy inviting atmosphere, with excellent service. I didn't take any photos during the reception and now wish I had. The chef created a beautiful variety of organic finger foods and spreads which were colorful, flavorful and with the added bonus of being healthy.

We didn't get the crowd we expected due to the 4th of July holiday weekend and many people taking advantage of the excellent weather, but we had a respectable showing. I'm not sure what the head count was but at least 40 - 50 guests I think. It was not overly crowded which made it easier to browse, converse and just enjoy the art.

Two pieces of Deb Hardman's work:

Two pieces of Kathy's work:

I've been laid low with severe Sinusitis since the day we hung the show. I endured more than enjoyed the reception and have been trying to recover since then. Will resume blogging and the pursuit of art when I regain full momentum. Until then, enjoy July with BBQ's, bike rides, gardening, hiking or whatever else makes your life worth living.... It's About Time!

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  1. Hi Jude! Sarah missed your opening night and we are both bummed. She hopes that you and Kathy can meet her at Terra Bella for a half hour sometime and shoot some video?

    Looks like a wonderful show and a great time. Kathy on a Segeway - yahooo!!!