Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ALCQ 2009 Best of Show

This past weekend was our quilt guild's annual show. I was compelled to record this years Best of Show because it is truly an eye popper. QUILT MAKER HOLLY (LAYTON) ROTH designed and hand quilted this massive quilt entitled INTERWOVEN ELEMENTS. In speaking with Holly about her conception for this remarkable design, she told me about the message she meant to convey visually. There is and has been an ongoing battle of the minds regarding Art versus Craft. Holly feels there isn't a strong delineation between the two because creativity is an art regardless what the artist/craftsperson is engaged in. Even in the quilt realm, there is the divergent views between art quilt, quilt art and traditional/contemporary quilts. But I digress....

Upon closer examination of the quilts design, the right hand side represents the 'Becky Homecky' crafts type artist who is involved with traditional designs, various craft involvement (depicted by the formed flowers and beading), and the movement is from the right heading to the center of the quilt - arrows of pieced fabric blocks. From the left side of the quilt, the paisleys and free-form design appearance is representational of the 'art movement' in quilting, which promotes innovation, new ideas and a contemporary statement. The pieced fabric arrows are pointing toward the center of the quilt as well. The opposing views can be looked upon as clashing in the middle or culminating in a meeting of the two mindsets. Holly appreciates the divergent interests and abilities through all areas of art, craft and quilting and hopes to broaden the perspective in this ongoing controversy of Art versus Craft - particularly in regards to quilting.

High Five for Holly and her beautiful quilt. I'm not sure what the dimensions are but it was the largest quilt in the show -- some was hanging over the railing. Holly had to hang it from her deck rail just to get a photo of it since she has no place to display it in her home. Interwoven Elements will be traveling to New York or Germany for showing but at the time of this posting - the schedule is undetermined.

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  1. That is one awesome quilt. Thanks for showing it and sharing the story, it is inspirational!