Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Larkin Jean Van Horn Classes

My first introduction to Larkin's fabulous beading was through the Bead & Button Magazine. I love Larkin Jean Van Horn's work, but was especially won over with her heavily beaded art quilts. The Alaska Bead Society and Anchorage Log Cabin Quilters, Inc. shared Larkin as a featured guest teacher for our separate guilds. I enrolled in both classes.

The Embellishments Class held on Friday Sept. 18th, covered many techniques I've become familiar with recently through my personal art quilt explorations. No matter how much you think you know, there are always little tips and tricks and nifty time saving ideas that pop up in casual conversation if you listen closely. This class was geared to try several different techniques just enough to get a sampling. Full blown experimentation requires more time than classes allow, so I have a lot of playing to look forward to in my own studio this winter.

The Shattered Circles Class held the following day was one I didn't have much expectation of. To my delight, I had the most fun learning Larkin's design method using circles. Like she stated, creating one design is like trying to eat one potato chip from the bag.... can't be done! I drew, cut up and rearranged 4 designs in class. On Sunday the light bulb warmed up in my brain and led me to create what I believe is my best of 5 designs. Just like potato chips... I will have a bag full of designs by the time I finish experimenting with my 'what if I do this' ideas.

Visit Larkinart.com to see the originators work by clicking on her name in the first paragraph of this posting. We were allowed to photograph her quilts with the stipulation to refrain from posting them on our own web pages. When I have a series of my own Shattered Circles completed, I will post photos. I've been doodling ideas in front of the TV at night, including different shapes besides circles. I'll probably call my series De-constructed Shapes or some such moniker. I'll let you know when I post photos.

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