Monday, October 19, 2009

Amanda's Quilt Top

My friend Kathy traded me a dozen Japanese silk Obi's (the waist sash that goes around Kimono's), for two King-size quilt tops she will be machine quilting as wedding gifts in her family. The weddings have already taken place, the quilts are overdue, and Kathy detests machine piecing. My bedroom is Japanese theme decor, so the Obi's are a special acquisition for me. Win win for both of us.

Kathy chose all the fabrics and pieced about 2/3rd of the blocks for this quilt top. I completed the piecing this weekend. The pattern is called Yellow Brick Road, and although the photo doesn't do the colors justice, the warm browns, brick reds, green and creams combine to make a pleasing arrangement. Kathy is on her way to pick up this first top this afternoon. She will quilt it on her commercial long-arm quilting machine. One down, one to go.

In a day or so I will begin cutting the fabrics for top number two. It takes approximately 30-40 hrs. to cut and sew this many pieces of fabric together. Thankfully I'll be working with all new fabric colors to keep the project interesting. Once I've done a project it is hard to go into 'repeat' mode, but I keep thinking of my beautiful Obi's and smile. : )

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