Monday, January 25, 2010

3 Creative Studios Challenge 2010 - Puzzle

Creative challenges motivate me to think outside the box.  Having a theme with a deadline spurs me into action.  Late December I stumbled onto 3 Creative Studios Quilt Challenge and just had to sign up.  There's a link in my blog side bar for 3 Creative Studios if you want to keep up with what other participants are doing across the globe.  Every other month, beginning in January we are given a theme word (our first one is PUZZLE) to interpret any way we'd like as long as the finished quilt has three layers held together with stitching.  We are free to blog about our work in progress on our own sites but are not to submit a photo of the finished item until 'reveal week' prior to the next theme word being issued.  

Since I will be on vacation during reveal week, I needed to get my piece completed and photographed, loaded into cyberspace so I can submit it at the proper time.  My readers will see it first here. 

This project actually began in Larkin Jean Van Horn's shattered circles class last Fall.  
The more I 'puzzled' over what I wanted to do with it, my ideas about this challenge kept colliding with this shattered circle.  Although others may not see the symbolism without my explanation, here is a breakdown of what you are looking at from my perspective:

global/earth view, fragmented but complete
creation vs. evolution
fish symbolic of Christian faith vs. fish as part of the evolutionary cycle
intersecting crossroads of man and his beliefs ie. pathways to life

24 puzzle pieces from a two-sided dinosaur puzzle (complete just not assembled)

"Puzzled?"  (16" square)


  1. Hey Jude, you've been on my mind lately. It's been a while since I checked in here. You've been busy!
    I love what you've done with your pieces! CUTE!

    Sue B, Terry & Vicki are all great! I looked at the challenge, but am doing the Fiberactions challenges, & that's enough for me right now.

    I've seen some of the Round Robin quilts in person, they're great.
    Has Lynette seen that one picture that You posted of her? It's baaad!
    You should just do her a favor & crop he head off! She much prettier than that picture!

  2. I've been remiss about checking the comments on my postings so tonight I checked them all. Sorry I missed this one. With so many quilt challenges available, time becomes the biggest factor in participating. I am expanding in that regard but no more than what I can keep up with. :)

    I agree Lynnette's photo is baaaaad. I should ask her if she wants me to crop her head off. Contemplating that makes me feel oddly sadistic. Ha! Lynnette is a pretty lady and thankfully most of our mug shots aren't too bad.

  3. Love this. My puzzle quilt is still in progress on my cutting table! I do hope to finish it tho.