Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Teddy Bear Tea 2010 Quilt

Anchorage Log Cabin Quilt Guild will host its 7th Annual Teddy Bear Tea Party February 18th, 11-12:30pm at Central Lutheran Church on the corner of 15th and L Street, Anchorage.  Our members choose one or more stuffed teddies or teddy 'wannabees' from a pile of newly purchased, donated or recycled stuffed animals with the commitment to make an appropriately sized small quilt that reflects the personality of each animal they take home.  During the tea a representative from several local non-profit child associated organizations will receive a share of these teddy/quilt combos, to be dispersed as needs arise. To date Anchorage Log Cabin Quilters have produced and given more than 1000 such quilts.

These children are generally facing challenges either internally or externally as displaced, abused, or wards of the state in transition to a more stable home life.  Willingness to trust and communicate with adults is often compromised in these situations.  Stuffed animals provide a friendly face to talk to and huggable form to cling to.  The small quilts assist the child to snuggle with a 'security blanket' or act as a caregiver to their newly acquired 'baby' while they navigate whatever their personal challenges happen to be.  The stuffed animal and quilt are usually chosen (adopted) by the recipient and are theirs to keep.  This is one of the many tangible expressions of loving compassion from our quilt guild members toward the helpless victims in life.
I've included a before and after photo of my contribution.  I fell in love with the soft rainbow colors covering this plush Ty Peace Bear.  I used hand dyed pastel solids I purchased from Alaska Dyeworks several years ago, and combined it with my own hand dyed fabric - which actually looks better cut up!  The border and backing batik material was purchased locally as well.  These small projects are great for using up scraps and leftovers.  The 100% cotton batting required a maximum of 2" between stitch lines and since I knew the quilt would most likely be washed often, I made sure to comply.  I bound the edges with a bright solid yellow fabric.  This quilt/teddy combination is cheerful and sure to provide immeasurable comfort to a child in need. 

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