Monday, February 8, 2010

Crazy Pieced Quilt Blocks

Last night I succumbed to the siren call behind my closed studio door.  Computer time has nibbled a good portion of my creative time lately so it was quite soothing to once again man my sewing machine to produce some fun quilt blocks.

Truth be told, I have soooooooo much 'stuff' crammed floor to ceiling in my small studio space, that the walls are closing in on me.  Floor space is at a premium as usual and one area I'd like to eliminate this year is the accumulation of six large cardboard apple boxes stuffed with cotton fabric scraps currently stacked under my ironing station.  Each box stores its own predominant color family of said scraps, which are a compilation of other sewers cast offs, trades, garage sale finds and my own project left overs.

So I'm on a mission! - one that isn't Impossible but will take some dedication to succeed.  While having fun creating fabric from my scrap boxes, (this time it was the purples), I am feeling renewed energy and purpose along with the hum of my faithful Bernina. 
Crazy piecing makes splendid use of miscellaneous odd shapes and sizes.  There is no plan to follow.  I choose a finished size I'd like the blocks to measure and start sewing.  Crazy piecing scraps is a great way to combine fabric patterns that you might normally refrain from.  I use up my 'junk' thread, the odds and ends of spools and colors that are low in quantity but perfect for short seams and an anything goes approach to sewing.  Blocks don't have to be square.  I've used an acrylic triangle template to cut out the final block for previous quilts.  Geometric templates, strips or even free-form shapes suitable for machine applique would suffice equally well.

My purpose is not in creating a final product at this point.  I'm more interested in creating the basic fabric shapes from all my scraps and will worry about the end use later.  Remembering floor space is my mission, I'm sure I will succeed, but for how long before it is replaced with other supplies??? Who's to say or care.  I live with purpose.  : )


  1. This is looking very interesting...I'm always looking for ways to get rid of all those scraps and bits. Great idea!!!

  2. We all need to go a little crazy now & then! This is great Jude!

  3. Thanks ladies for your encouraging comments. I do enjoy going crazy in my studio now & then.