Monday, July 5, 2010

"Rosewood" (auction quilt)

Yes indeed, I finished my third auction quilt for the Anchorage Log Cabin Quilter's annual fundraiser. 
Rosewood  (19.5" X 20")
This piece originated in Larkin Jean Van Horn's Shattered Circles class last September.  It was an experiment to deviate from her design method and try fracturing a circle using the traditional 'snowflake' paper cutting method.  I discovered cutting multi-folds of fabric was challenging and frustrating.  Hmmmm, I wonder if Larkin already discovered this herself?  I also discovered I had to chop up pieces to create a semi-balanced composition.  In addition, the blaring background color left me wishing I had made a different fabric choice altogether.

Being less than thrilled with my result at this point, I pawed through my bucket of sheer fabrics until I settled on a light green shade with gold flecks dispersed over its surface.  It was enough to subdue the neon lime background without depressing the contrast excessively.  I'd intended to cut the sheer fabric overlay to reveal the flower petals full color, but after it was quilted I decided the gold flecks made it look dew kissed and the muted color blends nicely with the corner fabric.  Adding corner blocks with woodsy moss undertones framed and complimented the bright center block which was set on point for additional visual interest.  (I guess I like diamonds better than squares.) ha!

Hopefully this third auction piece will attract some interested bidders during our guild quilt show at Conoco Phillips, September 11th and 12th.  I'm happy to have redeemed the project and donate it to a worthy cause.  Proceeds help fund our guilds education efforts, bringing fun teachers like Larkin to share their quilting expertise with Anchorage quilters.

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