Sunday, August 29, 2010

Three Creative Studios 2010 - "Reflection" Theme Challenge

"Growing Reflections" (8.5" X 8.5")
Reflection -- serious thought or consideration : time for reflection.  * an idea about something, esp. one that is written down or expressed : reflections on human destiny and art.  This embroidered art piece 'reflects' many of my thoughts as a gardener.  Earthy colors, growing vegetation, soil, design, boundaries and borders, symmetry, contrast, usage of space within a confined area, light, texture and shapes.  When I ponder the subject of reflection as it pertains to my art and gardening, I discover the two are quite similar in my mind.  I chose these pastimes because they are wonderful vehicles to explore and express my creativity.

I thrive on color and how it enlivens my world around me.  Living in Alaska where the two predominant seasons are snow or no snow, almost always dark or almost always light, I need gardening for my outdoor activity, and quilting for my indoor activity.  It seems whatever season I'm currently in, I'm reflecting about the other.  Winter encourages quilting and planning the next garden of color.  Summer allows me to put my plans (and plants) in the ground, and provides ample photos and inspiration for the pending winters quilt projects.  The circle of my life is reflected in my creative pursuits, season to season.

"Growing Reflections" is also reflective in design because the four quadrants are mirror images of one another.  In some ways it reminds me of an English formal garden.  The design is free clip art I downloaded from Dover Publications.  After ink jet printing the design on silk and ironing fusible web to the back of the design, I trimmed the edges to adhere it to the light cotton background fabric.  My background fabric was then ironed to a fusible stabilizer before machine embroidering the design.  All of the embroidery was free motion stitched using 100% Rayon Embroidery Thread.  The stabilizer was thick enough to act as my batting layer, so after fusing a cotton fabric backing, I free motion machine quilted around each color section with clear mono-filament thread.  "Growing Reflections" may be hung on point or squared with equal visual balance and appeal.

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"Growing Reflections" has been donated to Anchorage Log Cabin Quilter's Small Quilt Auction being held on Sept. 11th and 12th,  at Conoco Phillips on the corner of 7th & G Street.


  1. Thanks! You're awesome Sue and I truly appreciate your help in getting this posted to the Three Creative Studios Quilt Challenge 2010 blog. My computer education is equally challenging at times. Ha.

  2. Thanks for the detail on this piece. I really enjoyed learning more about it.

  3. This piece has been well received, and I'm especially thrilled when fellow artists are interested in the details. Bless you Judy.