Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tribal Dance

This was the first Shattered Circle piece I created in Larkin Jean Van Horn's class last Fall, but it's the third of four to be completed.  These fabrics wow me more than the design on this one.  The colors and abstract print felt 'tribal',  so I continued with that theme throughout the construction.

Batik rust colored fabric was backed with fusible web.  A plate sized circle, (including the inner design) was drawn on the paper side, then cut apart on the lines like a puzzle.  After removing the paper from each piece, I laid the fabric fused side down on top of the black print background fabric and ironed them all carefully in place.
Tribal Dance (21" X 29")

My finger joints are too arthritic for the hand stitched embellishment I would like to have done on this project.  I would have preferred a more organic approach using rustic threads, and larger tacking stitches.  I compromised using a machine button hole stitch around the applique and invested the handwork on the beaded fringe.

During my trip to North Carolina I found a loose weave fabric in the bargain bin at a Fabric Outlet.  Actually what caught my eye was where the bottom edge was unraveling ---- a portion of which I sewed into the bottom seam of this wall hanging.  The fringe reminds me of grass skirts (Hawaiian or African), hopefully conveying the 'dance' idea in my mind.  Beaded components consist of bone, seeds, and shells.

Our Guild Quilt Show will be displaying any completed guild sponsored class projects from the current year.  The first two Larkin Jean Van Horn class pieces I made have been donated to our silent auction.  Tribal Dance doesn't fit the size requirement so this one will actually make it in the main body of the show.    I created this fourth Shattered Circle design after the class and believe it is my best.  Results on that one, soon to follow.

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