Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Double Trouble"

Sometime in the mid-90's I'd sketched this cat silhouette.  The background setting was a detailed room with bookshelves.  Too many years have passed for me to recall why this project sat in a drawer unfinished, but recently it was revived as a possible charity donation for Friends of Pets.  A knee injury has interfered with studio time since late August, so this piece was not completed in time for Friends of Pets auction earlier this month.  It is ready for next year - unless I make something else and keep this one!

I simplified the setting thinking 'less is more', and focused on supportive fabric choices that would depict the environment I envisioned. 
 "Double Trouble" (22"W X 21.5"H)
I'd cut two cats (reversed pattern), out of shiny black suit lining to create the look of sleek feline fur.  Fusible web was placed on the backside to make them into iron on appliques.  The goldfish/bowl is treated with a pastel gold tulle overlay to soften the water effect and add sheen to the fish.  I fussy cut the bowl fabric to insinuate a 3 dimensional water feature in the bottom of the fish bowl.  By eliminating overdrawn details, I was able to create a simple indoor window view of an outdoor background.  The cat resting on a shelf is all that was necessary to imply indoor furniture. The same theory applies to the base of the fish bowl and the sides of a window frame in wood fabric.  You don't have to see all the details for the mind to comprehend the scene in it's entirety.  Actually, the less is more approach allows the viewer to imagine so much more! 

Outline quilting with clear mono-filament thread, in the ditch, around the key elements of the composition helps focus the eye on the subject matter.  I wanted the leaves in the background to be defined without competing with the feeling of looking through a windowpane so I chose to not quilt anything in between the leaves. 

Double Trouble is playful, colorful and cheerful... emotions I experienced while working on this scene.  I've discovered I enjoy working most with happy colors, animals and nature.  It all puts a smile on my face and I hope it does yours as well.


  1. This is beautiful Judy! I think you did a fabulous job of creating a perfect background. Your solid black cats look wonderful against the pastel field.

  2. Jude, You never, ever, cease to amaze me. Like, I am sitting here just saying "wow" as I read & look.

    We are booking that spring retreat weekend together NOW! :)

    Thanks for the inspiration and, btw, your new pic looks great!