Wednesday, November 17, 2010

3-D Flowers

Supplies and directions for creating a three dimensional flower which can be used as quilt and craft embellishments or fashion accessories.
  (6) single flower petals of one color (or mixed as desired) from an inexpensive party lei
  (2) 2" matching colored felt squares
  (2) 2" squares of iron on fusible web
  (2) 'silk' leaves
  (1 pkt) of floral craft stamens (12 stamens for one flower)
  clear or matching thread

  1. stack two flowers with petals offset (not directly lined up on top of each other).
  2. fold petal sandwich in half, then in quarter, machine tack or hand sew tip.
  3. repeat first two steps for remaining petals.
  4. iron fusible web to one side of each felt square.
  5. draw a 2" circle on the paper side, poke a small hole in the center of each.
   6. center and sew the tacked tip of all three flower quarters to the felt side to form a circle.
  7. tack stamens in groups of four to the center of the flower, avoiding one large clump.
  8. cut out the circle, carefully avoiding cutting flower petals.
  9. position and sew the leaf bases onto the felt side (under the petals).
10. cut out the remaining fused circle.
11. place fused sides of circles together, lay a protective sheet of parchment or paper over felt, then iron carefully just enough to adhere the felt layers together without pressing the flower flat.
I used a safety pin to adhere my flower to the Fantasia Garden quilt, hiding the pin under the petals on the top side of the quilt.  Clusters of flowers can be made in similar fashion, using more supplies and larger base pieces of felt, or sewn directly to your project.

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