Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fantasia Garden

This is the last of five designs resulting from participating in Larkin Jean VanHorn's Shattered Circles class.  My first four designs were created using only one large circle.  Fantasia Garden combines two different sized circles in which I used a small and large paper plate as templates.  A black and white dotted background  provides a neutral yet lively stage for showcasing the bold colors in both the design and border fabric. Quilting small black circles over the entire background fabric subdued the contrast somewhat while still keeping with the circular motif.  I machine outline quilted the border shapes using clear monofilament.

My failed attempt to insert a thin black velvet inner border pushed me to rethink how I could achieve a similar look.  The black velvet shifted while using an even foot feed.  However, I was able to substitute the narrow dark black line I desired by lightly gluing a 1/4" wide black velvet ribbon butted against the border fabric seam line.  The ribbon is one continuous piece with corner miter folds ~ using Aleene's Fast Grab fabric glue ~ left overnight to dry.  I'm sure the glue would have held but the corners still needed to lay flat so I twin needle stitched the ribbon in place permanently.

Applying a removable three-dimensional flower embellishment allows the flexibility to display this art quilt with or without it, as personal preference dictates.  The flower adds a feminine touch but without it, the piece reads more geometric and masculine... something to consider as a sale or auction item.

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