Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jelly Roll Jiggler

Those selvage end trimmings from jelly roll or similar strip quilt projects can be put to good use in novelty items.  My recent batik jelly roll quilt top produced some colorful snippets I just had to do something with, so I created what I call a Jelly Roll Jiggler.

Finger fold the trimmings in half, lengthwise, butting the fabric edges without overlapping then chain stitch down the center using a small machine stitch to secure the folds.  Line the fabric colors randomly or in a pattern to suit your taste.  Run the machine after the last fold to create a thread tail.  Re-stitch the entire chain length two or three times to firmly secure the Jiggler.

I discovered if you twisted the chain ends in opposite directions, the fabrics formed a pleasing spiral.  Hand manipulate the chain to create a spiked flower, a hair bow, craft embellishment, pillow trim or package decoration.  Extend your fabric investment by tapping your imagination and playing with items typically tossed in the garbage.  Your pocketbook and landfill will thank you for it.

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