Friday, December 31, 2010

Three Creative Studios - Destination Theme Challenge

Can you believe the 2010 Three Creative Studios Quilt Challenge has come to an end with this final piece?  Destination was the theme.  I pondered my options to the last minute and simplified my original design a few times because I wanted the 'less is more' approach to have the largest visual impact.
"Take The High Road" measures 14" square.  The aqua batik background with moon, stars and comet shapes creates a Universe in which to suspend planet Earth.  Free motion quilting lines closely stitched in clear monofilament thread flattens the background to make the Earth appear three dimensional.

The highway is a synthetic satiny material already embellished with glitter and faux beads.  I liked the tonal striations on the gold fabric and just enough texture to add interest to the highways surface.  I fused the highway before edging it with matching embroidery thread.  My intention in drawing a winding, narrowing road that diminishes in an upward direction, is my interpretation of traveling the highway of life - a steep climb with switchbacks, that when my days on earth come to an end, the road I've traveled (and hopefully by Taking The High Road in my life choices), will lead me to my heavenly destination.


  1. Judy - I really love the curve of your path!

  2. I see how our quilts are similar! I too really like the curve of your path. It has such a nice flow and the eyes really want to follow along, bringing you out to the rest of the Universe. Very nice!