Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Batik Block Swap

What do Japanese Lanterns and Log Cabin/Square in a Square quilt block patterns have in common? A dozen of each are practically flying out of my studio as my first quilt related project for 2011.
Recently I'd become acquainted with an online quilting group called the Quilting Board.  So I signed up and immediately got involved with a Batik Block Swap for January.  Most of the 52 committed participants are sewing one set (a dozen of one pattern), others are sewing two sets (a dozen of two different patterns) like myself. Wisely, I refrained from an overly ambitious goal of sewing three sets, as some eager beavers did, because I have easily put in 12 hours behind my machine on this project already.

Below you can see the secondary patterns when all of the blocks are laid out side by side. I wanted to have this recorded in my mind because I will only have one each of the two patterns I've made. In return, I will receive 22 different blocks that will hopefully compliment the color schemes I've chosen below. Without previous experience in doing a Block Swap, I'm thinking positive!

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