Monday, January 31, 2011

Transformed Treasures Tie Table Runner

This morning I finished hand stitching the binding on this table runner, which is the first of three projects for Salvation Army's Transformed Treasures Auction this Spring. Unlike the set of four table mats I donated last year for this event, this table runner was sewn on pre-stamped foundation sheets thereby simplifying the construction process.  I eliminated two of the fourteen dress ties I'd chosen at the Salvation Army to be 'transformed' because they didn't blend well enough with the dozen I used.  A thin poly batting inside allows for enough definition in the machine quilting without being too fluffy.  Other display options would be as a wall hanging over a wide doorway or on a narrow wall space.


  1. What a beautiful runner! And being made from ties makes it extra special. What a great idea, the Salvation Army's Transformed Treasures!

  2. What a fabulous job and ingenious IDEA!!!!!!