Thursday, February 17, 2011

Transformed Treasures 2011 Ottoman

This was one of those well intentioned projects that gobbled a week of my time and made my confidence meter waver a bit.  I had no doubt I could manage this makeover but there were a few moments in the process when I wasn't quite sure how to tackle the next stage.  My experience in reupholstering is almost nil.  Fortunately most of my education and growing abilities have developed via trial and error.
 Typical wear and tear I suppose for a foot rest.  The out dated fabric was worn completely through on the top

Past experience reminded me to carefully deconstruct the furniture covering systematically.  The deeply seated staples must have numbered in the hundreds because it took a full day just to remove them and dismantle the fabric pieces.  A couple photos documented visual reminders for reassembly.  After all the fabric was removed I used those pieces as pattern templates to cut out the new fabric, which in this case is a recycled table cover I found at a local second hand shop.
 A little visual to remind me how the welting ran.
 Step by step dismantling of fabric pieces.  I made improvements on reconstruction after fighting a bit with the original method.

The welting was in good shape so I recovered it.  Although I was able to reuse the foam cushion and padding, I did add a bit of fiberfill on worn areas of the legs.  I hand sewed the inside leg fabric covers to avoid staples showing ~ except for the dust cover stapled to the bottom of the ottoman.  I confidently declare this ugly duckling has been transformed into a classy looking piece of furniture that is substantially sturdier than the original.  Hopefully bids will prove others agree with my consensus.


  1. What a beautiful job. You are an inspiration!

  2. Gorgeous! I love re-upholstery projects - this one is outstanding :)

  3. Thanks ladies! You are 2 too kind. :)

  4. Fabulous job, Jude!!! Those staples must have given you quite a workout, I bet that you are still feeling it in your arms and fingers- I know that I would be. Youa re so smart to do this in such a methodical way!! BRAVO!!! Talk about inspiring, YOU INSPIRE ME!!!!! Thanks for the lovely comments that you leave on my blog!!!