Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MD Anderson Cancer Center - Auction Quilt Donation #2

"Love Grows" (23" square)
Just got the binding on this one last night.  Lynnette Motz machine button hole stitched the appliqued hearts onto the center block.  Corner blocks were foundation pieced using my box of pink scraps.  From there I added filler borders to connect everything.  I combined machine and free motion stitching to create an abundance of texture.  The white fabric was a bit stark so I softened the appearance with teal thread in a vine and leaf motif.  For some reason my machine kept balking with the buttonhole stitch around the pieced hearts, skipping stitches randomly, which would have been a nightmare to rip out.  My solution was to off center the stitch and repeat a second go round so it looked intentionally 'organic'.  The reason I chose a contrasting thread was to help unify the teal and define the rather pale looking heart blocks.  The floral binding was chosen to coordinate with the floral heart fabric.  

Sometimes my mind draws blanks when it comes to naming a quilt.  In this case I hoped to emphasize the living aspect of growing in life.

One more quilt to go ~ I'm working on the quilting today.  Posting soon to follow.

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