Thursday, March 3, 2011

MD Anderson Cancer Center - Auction Quilt Donation #3

"All Tied Up In Hope"  (28" X 32")

This quilt is my favorite of the three I've made this month for the Center's 2011 auction.  The two pink and white corner blocks were pieced by Irene Stewart.  All three pieced bows were sewn by Sharon and Lavone DeBoer.  I sewed the remaining pieced blocks to form the illusion of ribbons framing each side of the quilt.  Although various white on white fabrics were used, it all looks like one solid white background.  The words "Hope" and "Believe" are free motion quilted in white on the solid teal blocks.  I found it extremely important to remain positive throughout my cancer journey - by having hope and believing the best ~ moment by moment.  A healthy attitude is recuperative on its own merit.  Thus the title --- All Tied Up In Hope.

Time to get the three donation quilts in the mail tomorrow.  I 'hope and believe' the funds earned from these quilts will aid research for a cure as well as blessing the highest bidders for supporting this important cause.

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  1. Absolutely stunning and a wonderful message. Thank you for sharing.