Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mosaic Bowling Ball

After completing my first two Transformed Treasure auction pieces this winter, I'd almost talked myself into skipping this third idea due to four other art/auction commitments waiting to be realized.   I managed those in record time and decided last week that I could beat the deadline this Friday after all.  I was highly motivated since this bowling ball was a shelved plan from last year.

I've tried to adhere to my self-imposed rule of using up what I have on hand instead of rushing to the store to purchase more supplies.  When I ran out of the blues I switched to the yellows and oranges.  White and green migrated the two sides fairly well but lo and behold --- I didn't have enough to finish so still ended up making a run to the store.  Ugh.  I would have been happy with a small bag of whites and maybe even back to blues but the bag mix was sparse on colors I needed so I ended up with the larger multi-colored bag to finish.  I'd venture to say I'm pretty much back where I started with the amount of colored glass supply again but alas, it will end up in another mosaic project.

The warm and cool color wave is an interpretation of fire and water, or flowers under the sky, therefore I entitled this globe "Earthworks".  I keep my eye out for appropriate weatherproof display stands at second hand shops.  I've no idea what these metal stands were used for originally but they work splendidly as 'gazing ball' stands for garden or home decor.

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