Sunday, May 29, 2011

Westie Update

  Sadly, old age (16.5 yrs) transported our dear sweet Max to Dog Heaven last month. We miss him beyond description but knowing he had a good life and is better off there, makes the loss more tolerable. Such a sweet tempered dog, Max left us with countless fun memories and unconditional love.  Life isn't the same without him.
My devoted sidekick ~ Miss Maggie Mae
This dirty girl is due for a bath but we're buddies no matter what.  Maggie has adjusted well to Max' absence but I sense her loss at times also.  I've made a point to increase her socializing and car travels, as well as allowing her more home privileges as a single dog in the family.  Life is easier with one dog, and this one doesn't miss a thing!  As a 13 yr. old, I know how quickly Maggie's remaining years will pass, so we will make the most of them.

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