Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mosaic Yard Art

When I purchased a ceramic birdbath from the second hand store a few years ago, my intention was to mosaic the bowl and the detachable base unit.  However, an unforeseen mishap occurred in which the base shattered beyond redemption.  I may recycle the pieces into something artsy on down the road, however, my priority was providing the birds fresh water and enjoying the bathing entertainment a deck side basin provides.  After several clear coats of spray ceramic glaze, I'm well pleased with the results.  Side note: Water resting in the bird bath caused the spray glaze coat to lift off the shiny glass and ceramic pieces. A strong rinsing from the water hose knocked off the loose coating.  The grout remains sealed and waterproof.

In my exuberance, I purchased 7 used bowling balls to recycle into mosaic gazing balls.  This third one was an experiment using the grommets from upholstery fabric samples.  Indoor/Outdoor Clear Silicone II adhesive requires a longer setting time before grouting but the adhesive's flexibility is best suited for outdoor temperature changes and waterproofing.  An entire tube of blue acrylic paint was added to the grout for color and weatherproofing.

Originally I'd planned to grout the ball in black but I'd mixed up too much blue for the birdbath and couldn't see wasting the excess.  Actually, the two projects look great displayed together using the tall plant stand pictured below.  I might use the short leaf stand for indoor winter display.

Last summer we had two robin families sharing the water rights on our deck.  What a fun source of natural entertainment to view fledglings bathing for the first time.  I just hope my jazzed up birdbath appeals to my feathered friends as much as it does me.

Maggie and I are enjoying the best of summer on our deck.  The added color is a real plus.

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