Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Art Quilt "Creation Speaks" Completed

Deadlines, I'm discovering, help prod yours truly to  complete projects I might otherwise let stagnate interminably.  Such is the situation with this art quilt.

The silkscreen centerpiece was my beginning block for our 2010 Round Robin project.  As with last year, our Round Robin group is displaying the previous years quilts at our guild quilt show this weekend.  I just finished this 22.5" X 24" wall hanging today.

Search older 'Round Robin' posts on this blog to view the progression of this and other group quilts.  Click on the photos for macro details.

The mask image, dark burgandy inner border on bottom and right sides, the outer border print, machine quilting, hand embroidery and embellishments were added by myself. 

Extensive bobbin quilting in yellow radiating circles using a large stitch with size 8 perle cotton reinforced the sense of light and life radiating from the 'creative spirit' and the voice of that spirit speaking into my creative woman (symbolized by the silver charm).  The theme and fabric choices lent itself to a somewhat native influence so I chose embellishments accordingly but the silver charm and glass bead (dangling from the donut bead) were contributed during one of the group rotations.  Rounding the corners off helped soften and echo the circular shapes within.

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