Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Spiritual Care Quilts

Using up the last scraps of my blue Teddy Bear fabric, flannel plaid and solid red fabric, I was able to complete two more Providence Hospital ~ Spiritual Care quilts.  These two were both made with children in mind, particularly boys because of the guy like colors.   I make the quilts, God sees to the deliveries.

I use a chalk pencil for marking my precut stencil pattern, then free motion quilted. It's been a while since I've done this and it shows!  Oh well, the kids won't mind.
Construction on this top required a bit of fuss and play to keep it balanced looking. I couldn't have squeaked out any more from my scraps than I did.
Both of these quilts are approximately 24" squares, which is the desired size Providence Spiritual Care prefers for their patients.  Sadly, the need is an ongoing situation, but as long as I have the ability and resources, I will continue to produce more quilts for this heartfelt cause.

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