Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cross Stitch Table Mats

First on my weekend agenda was converting three cross stitch pieces into something useful.
I stitched the set of two heart and one acorn piece in the early 90's.  My interior blue and mauve color scheme ended and I just wasn't very motivated to finish doing anything with these.  My current color scheme is more conducive to the acorns so I will finally use it.
In keeping with 'simplifying my life' this year, I chose making table mats instead of accent pillows as I'd originally intended.  Using materials on hand saved me the expense of purchasing pillow forms and aids in reducing visual clutter also.  Plus mats store more easily than three pillows I truly don't need.

Actually, Mother's Day will be a great opportunity to give Mom the matching heart set since they suit her home colors perfectly.  Now that's a win win all around.

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