Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Spiral Theme: "Staircase To Heaven"""

"Staircase To Heaven" by Judy Wedemeyer (12" square)
Material Maven's art quilt challenge group has posted its most recent reveal.  September's theme was Spiral.  Next reveal in November will be on Travel.  My posting on the Material Maven's blog is here:  Judy W's Spiral quilt   You can read about all of the entries by clicking on the Material Maven's headline photo.
My dear friend Denice emailed her conversation with daughter Marlene regarding my "Spiral Staircase To Heaven" quilt.  It blessed me and hopefully my readers as well.

Unedited as follows:
"When I shared with Marlene your gorgeous "Staircase to Heaven" piece she shared with me a message she had recently listened to. The pastor was specifically speaking about spiral staircases and how many in the Body of Christ are currently on a spiral staircase. The encouragement was that if you found yourself in that place where you seemed to be going around and around and around "that same old mountain" similar to going around and around on a spiral staircase, to pause and look down at the new heights the Lord had brought you to through your circling."

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