Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Teddy Bear Tea Donation Wrap Up

Honestly, I had no set number of donation quilts I wanted to make for this years Teddy Bear Tea, so when I completed my last six this past weekend I was pleased to have ended up with a total of 25!  It all started because I had excess Beanie Babies taking up closet space and felt they needed loving children to adopt them.  Sewing fabric scraps gave me incentive to produce more quilts and look for fun stuffed animals at a second hand store to match with them.  Finally I ran out of animals and thought what the heck - surely there will be orphans looking for quilts before the tea this Saturday.  Here are the results from my weekend in the studio.  They average 22'' - 24" square.
 I made two identical blue and white ones as pictured above.

A stencil was used to mark the back of the floral quilt (left) and machine stitched from the backside.  A programmed leaf embroidery stitch added interest to the blue columns on the quilt pictured. (right)

Machine quilting with a programmed flower embroidery stitch added extra visual appeal on this last quilt.  I wish my Bernina had several more decorative stitches pre-programmed into it to quilt with.

This morning I delivered these quilts to the Teddy Bear Tea coordinator (Judy Veerman) and a group of us added ribbons and tags to animals, matched the orphans to quilts and bagged the babies.  We definitely exceeded the goal of 300 ~ total count was 514 plus 3 fundraising quilts for agencies.  A very satisfying and rewarding activity to be involved with for sure.
 tagged and bagged quilts and stuffed animals.
Judy said  "Pictured (above) is the tip of the iceberg in terms of plastic bags, suitcases, and plastic tubs filled with Teddies".

Anchorage Daily News article with 10 photos of bears and their quilts.

Anchorage Log Cabin Quilters, Inc. article with several photos of the 2013 Teddy Bear Tea event.

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