Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Transformed Treasures 2013 Lamp Project

In short, I refurbished this candlestick style table lamp with bell shade by hand scraping the old paint off the base and repainting with several light coats of copper colored Infusion spray paint.  I discovered the lamp was both metal and plastic composite.  Infusion paint is formulated to adhere to plastic as well as wood, ceramic and metal so it covered my base materials evenly without disappointment.  I'm a new fan!
The 'replacement' shade didn't work out so I ended up recycling the original one.
The old lampshade was layered with dust buildup and had no character to speak of.  After removing the fringe and outer fabric I carefully took apart the inner lining to use as a pattern.  I added a bit more seam allowance to accommodate the fabric fitting as the outer shade.  This bell shaped shade consists of two curved pieces sewn into a tube and is then stretched evenly over the outer shade frame.  I anchored the fabric to frame ribs at top and bottom with button hole thread.  This allowed me to stretch the fabric evenly before I hand glued the edges using Ailene's Fast Grab glue.  LOVE that stuff!  I chose not to replace the lining but I made matching bias tape to cover the edges. It too is secured with the Fast Grab glue.  Bias tape provides a stretchiness needed to follow the curves smoothly.  Voila! New lampshade I like so much I think I will have to bid on it at the auction.

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