Friday, March 28, 2014

Cosmic Commotion

"Cosmic Commotion" 12" square by Judy Wedemeyer
This is my Wed@Pat's group challenge entry for the 2014 Alaska Fiber Festival.   The quilts will be sold to benefit the Alaska Fiber Festival.

My quilt was designed using the  4-patch method of tiles and symmetry as explained on Raymond K. Houston's website.  The top was actually created several months earlier when I was experimenting with Raymond's  'line alphabet' system (as explained on this posting) in which my chosen word spelled out BLUE.  I have made a RED, YELLOW, GREEN and MYSTERY quilt using the same line alphabet.   This month I shared the design method with a local quilt group and hope to see future art quilts from those members.  It is a fun and challenging exercise to create original works with repeatable design methods.  I have several 12" art quilts designed and waiting in the wings to be transformed with fabric.  Woe is me with so many ideas and so little time.

The backside of Cosmic Commotion

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