Monday, May 21, 2012

Blog Focus Changes

WedeWorks is just a few years old but I've already exceeded the need for more than the 1GB of free storage space Blogger allows.  Recently I've culled out some older, not so relevant posts but it wasn't enough. Therefore (as time allows), I will be deleting everything that isn't my personal artwork.  As much as I enjoy sharing my garden, wildlife, scenery etc., I prefer devoting my blog space to my art.  I will include yard art so if some of my garden makes it in those photos, that will be a bonus.  I wish each blog had 1GB free storage space, for which I could have separate blogs for each BUT ~ it doesn't work that way and I want to keep it simple to post, so for now, this is my solution. 

I've missed blogging and look forward to getting back on track.  Garden season is in full swing which means studio time is taking a back seat, but I haven't quit entirely.

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